Registration will cover all of the program of the 2023 MVA Workshop & Symposium throughout the above-mentioned events. As a part of the out-reach program, non-registered people will be permitted to join selected events.  Registration for this event will be online only.

To register for the 2023 MVA Workshop and Symposium, please go to the registration page on the Moon Village Association Website. The deadline for the registration has been December 1 (extended) until the end of the MVA Workshop and Symposium.

If you are interested in becoming a MVA member, please follow the link to the Join page. Note that the cost of becoming an individual member is 50 Euro, which means that the cost of membership plus attending the 2023 MVA Workshop & Symposium as a member is the same as attending as a non-member.



Online Registration only. It will be valid for all the program of MVA workshop & Symposium throughout the above mentioned events. In a part of the out-reach program, non-registered people will join.

Full registration (regular) 250 Euro
Full registration (retiree) 225 Euro
Full registration (student) 100 Euro
Full registration (MVA member) 200 Euro
Full registration (MVA retiree) 175 Euro
Full registration (MVA student)   75 Euro
Accompanying person registration* 100 Euro
Tottori part only registration 40 Euro

* This is registration for the family members of fully registered persons and will allow the family members to attend the Welcome Cocktails and Banquet events and make use of the free shuttle bus to the Tottori Special Symposium.