Okayama University, Institute for Planetary Materials

The institute specialises in research concerning the origin, evolution and current dynamics of the Earth and other planets and the origin of life using excellent analytical facilities.


Okayama University, Institute of Plant Science and Resources

The institute aims to develop a new generation of crops that will be suited for various stressful  environments, including Lunar-like environments.


Tottori University, Arid Land Research Center

The center includes the Arid Land Dome and Sandy Experimental Fields. These facilities were utilized for the Space Camp at Biosphere 2 (SCB2), an arid training area imitating a Space Camp for Lunar & Martian Surface Simulations in 2021 & 2022.


Kyoto University, SIC Human Spaceology Center

The center promotes concepts of a “Core-Biome” as the basic ecosystem for migration, the ”Core-Technology” that is essential for space exploration, and a “Core-society”  representing the minimum society required for humanity to survive in space.