Submissions are no longer accepted (the deadline is November 5) . 


We cordially invite you to submit presentations on a broad range of topics in Moon Village activities as follows. The program of this Workshop & Symposium will consist of organized sessions and “General Presentation” sessions. Applications for General Presentations are welcome. The oral presentations will be selected from the submitted abstract after reviews by the IPC members.

The following topics are of particular interest :

  1. Lunar Programs and Missions
  2. Lunar Architectural Concepts & Issues
  3. Space Resources, Mining & Utilization
  4. Habitation, Human Factors & Life Science
  5. Lunar Commerce, including Moon Markets, Missions & Economics
  6. Lunar Infrastructure and Operations, emphasizing Power
  7. Lunar Science, including both Human Presence and/or Precursors
  8. Legal Aspects & Societal Considerations
  9. Cultural & Anthropological Considerations
  10. Outreach/Education
  11. Lunar Governance, International Policy and Collaboration

Presentation Guidelines :

  1. All presentations should be held in English and will be 15 minutes long with an additional 5 minutes for discussion.
  2. One-page abstracts for presentations are required by October 15 November 5, 2023.
  3. All abstracts accepted will be published on the website of Moon Village Association after this Workshop & Symposium.

Abstract Submission Rules :

  1. One accepted abstract per participant/registration. For more information concerning registration please see the Registration page.
  2. Submission via webform in this page or e-mail to:
  3. If you plan to submit your abstract via email, please include the following information:
    • Your full name
    • Title of your presentation
    • Your affiliation
    • Your country
    • Email of the presenting author
    • Your topic or the above Moon Village activities for which you would like your abstract to be considered for presentation

Abstract Structure :

  1. Your abstract should be written in English.
  2. The maximum word limit for the abstract is 275 words.
  3. Please follow the abstract template.

Important Dates :

  1. Deadline of submission of abstracts: October 15 November 5, 2023
  2. Abstract acceptance notification: 2 weeks after the deadline of submission

You will receive an acknowledgement of the receipt of your abstract via an email within seven working days after submission.

Submission Form

Submissions were closed. Thank you for all the submissions.




  • John Mankins    Vice President, Moon Village Association
  • Yoshifumi Inatani    MVA Board, Professor Emeritus, ISAS/JAXA


  • Nasr Al-Sahafi   Chair, International Moon Day, MVA, Saudi Arabia
  • Tirtha Pratim   Das Head of Science, ISRO, India (TBC)
  • Francois Dubrulle   CEO, Qosmosys Pte Ltd, France
  • Christian Feichtinger   Executive Secretary, IAF
  • Bernard Foing   Lunar Science Coordinator, MVA, France
  • Giancarlo Genta   Former Professor of Politecnico of Turin, Italy
  • Jessyka Nunes   Space Law, Faculty of Saint Vincent (UNIBR), Brazil
  • Dorin Prunariu   Member of the Romania Space Agency Board
  • Guoyu Wang   Deputy Director, CNSA Space Law Center, China
  • Ikkoh Funaki   Prof. ISAS/JAXA, Space Exploration Innovation Hub Center, JAXA
  • Eizo Nakamura   Prof. Okayama Univ
  • Masasi Miura   Prof. ISAS/JAXA
  • Masashi Sato   ispace
  • Atsushi Uchida   Mitsubishi Research Institute
  • Yosuke Yamashiki   Prof. Kyoto University



Date Activities
December 6 Welcome cocktail (Kurashiki, 18:00-19:00)
December 7 Symposium and workshop (Kurashiki, 9:00-17:00)
Banquet in Ohara Museum (Kurashiki, 18:00-20:00)
December 8 Symposium and workshop (Kurashiki, 9:00-17:30)
December 9 Outreach (Kurashiki, 10:00-13:00)
Outreach (Okayama)
December 10 Special Symposium (Tottori)
Outreach (Tottori)
Firewall cocktail (Tottori)